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Designated Quarantine Hotel COVID-19 Testing Service
The Hong Kong government has appointed Prenetics to be your designated testing provider to conduct door-to-door testing services at your Designated Quarantine Hotel.

Prenetics has set out to make RT-PCR COVID-19 testing easy, safe and accurate for the Hong Kong community.

We are proud to be supporting the Hong Kong community in combating COVID-19 together.

What should you expect when you are testing with us?

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Prepare your testing
Prior to testing with us, please keep all windows closed, wear a well-fitted surgical mask, and prepare a chair and a bin.

Please also prepare travel documents for identity verification purposes.
Learn more on testing arrangement
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Perform sample collection
Prenetics will arrange sample collection service by Combined Nasal and Throat Swab (CNTS) according to your testing schedule.
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Receive your result via SMS
You will be notified of your test results via SMS in 24-48 hours after sample collection.

What happens upon receiving test results

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You may continue with the rest of your quarantine period and leave the designated quarantine hotel after all testings are completed.
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You will be alerted by Centre for Health Protection to arrange immediate medical attention. For any further updates and / or next steps, please contact CHP directly at +852 2125 1999.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our frequently asked questions below.
What can I expect during my swab test?
The Combined Nasal and Throat Swabs (CNTS) tests consist of a nasal and tonsil swab, each lasting about 10-15 seconds. The combined nasal and throat swabs will be collected by trained personnel. They are simple, non-invasive procedures that are suitable for most people.
How many tests will be conducted during my quarantine period?
The duration of your quarantine period and testing frequency depends on the risk level of your inbound location, please visit the Hong Kong government's Covid-19 portal for the most updated information.
Am I allowed to choose when my test would take place?
The test will be conducted between 10:00-17:00. Special testing arrangements can only be approved on a case by case basis, please contact the CHP hotline: +852 2125 1999 for further information.
What do I need to prepare prior to my test?
All guests must have on hand their HKID/passport, wear a well-fitted surgical mask, a chair and bin. Prior to testing, guests must ensure that all windows are closed and exhaust fans are on before opening the door for test. Turn on air purifier inside the room if it is available. Guests are required to read out the ID number and name for identity verification.
Why do I have to provide a bin for waste disposal?
According to CHP Infection Control guidelines, all materials used during test must be discarded at their respective guest waste bins to reduce the risk of contamination. Wastes include IQAir protection cap, swab sticks and gloves used during test. Please be reassured that no waste from other guest rooms will be disposed to your bin.
Why is an air filtering machine used during the test?
An IQAir machine is an air filtering machine that is used to capture and reduce surrounding airborne particles, thereby reducing the chance of hotel occupants from inhaling infectious particles and mitigating risks from cross infection.
Can I perform the test standing?
For better visualization of specimen collection sites so as to ensure the quality of specimen quality, all tests must be carried out while seated.
When am I not allowed to take the test?
Our on ground staff will not be able to perform the test for you if your temperature exceeds 37.5°C. Hotel staff will be notified and will be in touch with you for further information and follow up.
What happens if I am tested positive?
If your results are positive, guests will be transferred to the hospitals or Isolation facilities for isolation and treatment.
What if I cannot do a swab test?
If you are unable to do a swab test, please contact CHP for further arrangements. CHP hotline number:  +852 2125 1999
Why can't we have a conversation with the testing personnel?
Our on ground staff has been advised to keep conversations at a minimum as an infection control measure, we apologize for any inconvenience caused.
How do I know if the staff testing me is safe?
Following government prevailing policy, all testing staff responsible for your test will be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. All personnel are required to undergo testing weekly and test results are valid within 7 days. Staff must show a valid negative result before they are allowed to work.
How can I provide feedback/rate my testing experience?
A satisfaction survey will be sent to you via SMS after your test. All feedback are kept anonymous and will be only used internally to better improve your testing experience.


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